Localhost and Mobile Devices

dncrews dncrews 08 Oct 2014 || Tags: webdev; proxy; mobile;

Web development is fun. Building a layout that is responsive to any device is a great thing. Unfortunately, testing it in your desktop web browser is not always good enough, and you don't want to "push to prod" without testing it properly on your phone. What can be done? Well, you've got a couple choices, depending on what your requirements are.

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Heroku buildpack environment changes and you

dncrews dncrews 21 Mar 2014 || Tags: tools; hosting; Heroku; buildpacks; env_dir; user-env-compile;

Heroku allows you to set environment variables during the buildpack compilation stage of your build, but the method of doing so is changing. Be advised.

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Should I use a JavaScript framework?

dncrews dncrews 19 Feb 2014 || Tags: framework; javascript; angular.js; ember.js; backbone.js;

With the whole world of JavaScript changing around you, how do you know if you're supposed to be using a JavaScript framework or not? Everyone seems to be, but you aren't. Or you are, and you're not sure if that's the correct answer. Maybe I can help shed some light for you.

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